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Welcome to Awesome Entertainment Travel Blog. I am Mark Peace Thomas

The goal of The Awesome Entertainment Travel Blog is to share with you my experiences, photos and videos so you may have an unforgettable vacation to wherever you may roam while avoiding scams and overspending!

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I have been "adventuring" for over two decades with exciting visits to: The Caribbean, Scotland, Ireland, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Britain, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Hawaii, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dominican Republic, St. Marteen, Jamaica, Bermuda, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Mexico and Canada. Every place is unique.

Here are some MUSTS IMHO!

Working hard, getting old and having good credit has allowed me to "check off" most of my "bucket list" items including: snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Mexico (and Philippines), Sky Diving in Hawaii and Scuba Diving along The Great Barrier Reef. I've learned to enjoy leisurely strolls in scenic national parks and bicycling in places like Amsterdam (to get some physical activity away from the computer). There are many ways to discover what each place has to offer.

Imagine traveling around the world, or in your own backyard, while checking off your bucket list adventures! I want to inspire you and, if need be, coach you toward your journey.

Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia
Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia

Worldwide DJ Service.
DJ Peace in 1997 has been offering "Master of Ceremony" services, DJs and Entetainment since 1989

"DJ Peace" and his associates continue to offer entertainment, namely DJs and MCs, throughout the United States of America and worldwide.

My wanderlust began aboard Holland America's MS Nieuw Amsterdam in 1988 where I entertained as a DJ/MC and Cruise Staff Member.

Original Music.

I decided to write a full-length album in 2013 after nearly three decades as a professional disc jockey and master of ceremonies. It was time for me to expand creatively. My first full-length collection included pop, reggae, dance, rock and r&b music as a tribute to my years playing different genres for mixed audiences. You can find my earlier music on Crazy Girls by DJ Peace.

You can follow and listen to my pop and dance music as DJ Peace on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music or your favorite streaming service.

Rock fans can follow and listen to me as Mark Peace Thomas. My first rock-oriented album is "Rock Star Delusion" (June 20, 2021).

My goal is to work with talent from around the world. My first overseas music video shoot featured 16-year old Filipina singer: Marielle Montellano.

Marielle is now a featured entertainer for Tawag ng Tanghalan (TNT Network).

I've included song clips on each page to make it easy for you to listen to my diverse mix of original music. I welcome you to add "DJ Peace" and / or "Mark Peace Thomas" to your favorite play list. Below, you will find Marielle's version of my song: "Do I Have to Say it Again?".

Cultural Exchange Videos

Interviews to better understand life worldwide.

Venice Gondola Captain - Awesome Entertainment Travel Blog
Cultural Exchange Videos

Interviews to better understand life worldwide.

Global Angels

Pop star, Natasha Bedingfield's mom, Molly, has a fantastic charity where 100% of your donation goes to the project of your choice while administrative costs are paid for by corporate donors.